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My horscope today #Gemini

It’s important to look at issues deeply, but don’t get too obsessed with them. Every day matters, but today could be especially pivotal. You’re reaching a critical point in both your personal life and your public life. In your personal life, the people you are missing most are waiting for you to make the next move — so don’t let your pride or fear of rejection keep you from putting your best foot forward and getting things started or moved into a new direction. In your public life, today offers a small opportunity to elevate your reputation.

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carmina-vitae: TORI!!! How've you been babe?

I’m good babe how are you!!

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Wow I’m up to 10,000 notes!  How awesome!
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I want to take this moment to vent to the world how freaking frustrated I am! I have been through 4 sell phones this year and its only October. I’m in need of a durable Rock phone, something Indestructible.
  • 13 cell phones in 9 years, from Nokia to¬†Motorola¬†flip, Razor phones, to Blackberrys, to Tmboile Cliq, to Mytouch 4g, and Samsung Galaxy¬†
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I want this closet so bad
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dont judge me

I don’t wanna go there¬†
We should never go there 
Why you wanna go there 
I guess I gotta go there 

You’re hearing rumours about me¬†
And you can’t stomach the thought¬†
Of someone touching my body 
When you so close to my heart 
I won’t deny what they saying¬†
Because most of it is true 
But it was all before I fell for you

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